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Friday, 4 January 2019

Pulga village Himachal Pradesh

People tend to visit places that are mostly popular and are often visited by tourists. But, at times, you might just feel like cutting off from the hustle and bustle of big cities and escape into nature, undisturbed. So, next time if you have such feeling, simply pack your bags and leave for Pulga in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh remains one of the top-notch destinations for tourists especially during the summertime due to its natural beauty. However, not many people are aware of Pulga, which is located in Himachal Pradesh at an average height of 9498 feet above sea level. This small village in Parvati Valley has an amazing view with lofty mountains, forests, tea plantations and wooden houses that will create a magical ambience for you. Pulga, popularly known as Fairy Forest, is quite secluded from the rest of the state and is still untouched by modern facilities making it a perfect setting to spend some cosy time trying to reconnect with oneself in solitude.
HowTo Reach Pulga
Visitors can reach Pulga by travelling via Kullu, Kasol or Delhi. If you are planning to travel from Kasol, it will take 2 hours to reach Pulga by road. You can also take a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar and from there you can reach Pulga via Katagla
Best Time To Visit Pulga And What To Expect
The maximum temperature in Pulga remains around 29 degrees Celsius while the minimum can drop to 18 degrees Celsius. Once you are in Pulga, don't expect to have a swift mobile network or Wi-Fi services due to altitude issues. You won't get to spot a lot of people in Pulga, so you can peacefully soak in the beauty of nature.
AccomodationIn Pulga
Pulga has a limited accommodation options as travellers have just started visiting this place in recent years. There are a couple of mid-range hotels,which offer Wi-Fi services, located at one end of this secluded village. Apart from these, there a few budget lodges as well which are made up of wood and have mud walls with dung flooring. They will give you a totally different experience altogether.
ThingsTo Do In Pulga
Waking up to the magnificent view of Pulga, you can take a stroll in the lush green forests filled with huge pine trees and enjoy the undisturbed musical tune of nature. This would surely be one of your most refreshing memories and you won't even realise how time flies. Pulga is also quite famous for hiking and trekking and it has various trails for the trekkers. So, if you are an adventure lover, then this is the place to be. Apart from this, you can also find a few waterfalls in Pulga.
You can also visit the temple of Lord Narayana located at the centre of the Pulga village. Usually, the elders meet here to spend some time with each other after the day's work. The vast tea plantations can also be interesting to explore provided you take permission before entering someone's tea estate.
From Pulga, one can also go to Kheer Ganga, which is 5 km ahead of the small village, which you can reach through a small trek. The Kheer Ganga trek is one of the most refreshing treks and offers a splendid view. It is said that the elder son of Lord Shiva, Kartik, remained in samadhi for thousands of years in this place. The place is not inhibited permanently and remains open for about 7 months in a year. Along with trekking, you also get to take a bath in a hot spring and refresh yourself.

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