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Friday, 4 January 2019

Up police thank you for cooperation i needed.

Manikpur (U.P.),
(06.35 PM )28 december 2018,
manikpur junction Uttar pradesh.such a shame for up police.hats off for honest officers they are very rare.Finally dont mess with UP police or else they will encounter you before you speak.
Up police Rajesh Kumar misbehaving a passenger traveling to Delhi from Rewa for the new year celebrations but before he meets with his friends suddenly a tragedy happened with Mr Rajesh Kumar from up police unknowingly blaming Prince Singh for fine of smoking is 1200rs ,Prince offended that he has his train leaving the platform but Mr Rajesh Kumar said that I won't let you without giving fine . Prince asked him to show his identity and fine receipt but Rajesh was unable give sudden proof or any identity misbehaving the passenger on boarding train no. 12427 from Rewa to Anand Vihar railway station.
Prince Kumar Singh
Rewa m.p.
Watch the video on YouTube link-

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